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Over the past few decades, Japan has made its mark in the globally in a lot of ways. A lot of Western cultures have seen a lot of Asian influence in various aspects and fields from Japan. Among them, one of the most prominent influences that Japan has had around the world has been through their food. Food forms an important part of the Japanese culture, much like a lot of Asian countries. There are experiences and traditions that are wrapped within the understanding of Japanese food. In the last few years, as Japan has managed to grow its influence, its food has also expanded and reached more places. Here are a few Japanese dishes that you should try!


How can we talk about Japanese Food without talking about Sushi. Sushi is one of the most common delicacies of Japan that comes to mind when one thinks of their food. The word Sushi refers to any dish made with Japanese rice that has been seasoned with rice vinegar. Common varieties of Sushi include makizushi and nigiri sushi


This is one of three main noodle dishes eaten in Japan. The Udon is thick, chewy and traditionally made from wheat flour. It can be served in multiple different ways such as mixed with stir-fried, added to hotpots or served cold with a soup base. It is most commonly used in noodle soups with a savory broth with garnishing.


Though often thought of as a healthy lifestyle choice in the West, Tofu is a common part of Japanese diet and is enjoyed by everybody. It is essentially nothing but soy milk which has been coagulated into blocks after curds have been formed. They come in differing levels of firmness and can be eaten raw, with just different kinds of garnishing.


This is an important part of Japanese fast food culture. They are crispy fried pieces and slices of meats, fish and vegetables that have been covered in a very special tempura batter. Tempura can be eaten by itself or served with rice bowls and noodle soup.


This is an important sports food for the Japanese. It literally translates to barbecued chicken. However, what they are is small pieces of chicken brushed with seasoning such as salt, mirin rice wine and soy sauce. There are different types of Yakitori, but the most common ones are chicken thigh (momo) and chicken and spring onion (negima).


How can you talk about Japanese food culture without discussing Ramen? Ramen is a noodle soup dish consisting of wheat noodles, a savory broth and topping of meat and vegetables. In the current day, it is one of Japan’s most famous fast foods and is extremely popular. Its biggest advantage is that it is extremely cheap and easily available for everyone. It can be found in almost every street corner in Japan.


This rice bowl is a common lunchtime choice among a lot of busy workers. It is made by frying various meat, fish and vegetables and served over steamed rice in large bowls. While this can be made using any assortment of ingredients, common ones include Oyakodon (which is simmered chicken, egg and green onion), Gyudon (sliced beef and onion simmered in soy sauce soup base) and tendon (friend tempura pieces drizzled with tsuyu).


This is a favorite winter dish in Japan. The winter hot pot dish is made by taking an assortment of vegetables and proteins (boiled eggs, fish cakes etc.) and stewing them in a light broth seasoned with soy sauce and dashi. It is usually placed in a large bowl at the center of the table and diners can then scoop out their favorite pieces and enjoy it with various condiments. This dish serves as a very hearty meal but also as a communal heater for families, on cold nights.


These are pork cutlets, and one of the foods that was introduced into Japan by Europe. It is made by coating pork chops in panko bread crumbs and deep fried until golden brown. They are normally served in fruit and vegetable based tonkatsu sauce and shredded cabbage.

So here you go! Here are some delicious and savory Japanese delicacies that can win over your taste buds in a jiffy! Do try them out at Wassabi to get the most authentic Japanese experience.

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