How to Pack Sushi for Lunch

How to Pack Sushi for Lunch

Sushi is a famous delicacy known for its Japanese origins and characterized by its sticky rice and raw fish, wrapped in seaweed. Sushi is a great lunch idea because it is light and healthy. But when considering having Sushi for lunch when you don’t want to spend – that is a catch. How do you pack Sushi for lunch effectively?

Packing Sushi for lunch may have its disadvantages which are important to be mindful of, when deciding to pack it. The rice may lose its flavor when it has cooled, the nori may soften and eventually become soggy and the raw fish cannot be left at room temperature for more than 3-4 hours. Keeping these in mind, how do you pack Sushi?

Firstly, don’t refrigerate your rice. Absurd as it may sound, rice for Sushi is flavored with three extremely common preservatives, vinegar, sugar and salt. When using rice, don’t use rice which is more than a day old (to be on the safe side). It has to be sealed in an air-tight container, like a Sushi box, till you are ready to eat. Be aware of the fact that it will taste different from freshly cooked rice.

To pack Sushi, you can also make use of the temaki technique, which honestly looks a bit like an ice cream cone. The idea behind this technique is to reduce the amount of equipment that is required to pack the Sushi. Using this technique would mean you won’t need things like a cutting board and a rolling mat. For this method, fill a small container with water, make use of a flat surface, have a container for your ingredients along with an air-tight bag for your nori and have a small washcloth or towel around.

You now need to apply the season rice at the corner of your nori and make the rice around 1cm thick. Then apply your remaining ingredients to the center of your rice. Do not hesitate to pack a good amount of ingredients in there. Then dip your fingers into the container of water and the majority of the end of the nori wet. Immediately after this, start rolling it up and do it quick before it gets soggy. Use the rice as a guide to wrap the nori around like a cone. Once it is in a cone in your hand, gently rotate it to make sure it is smoothened out. And there you have it! Pre-Packed Sushi for your lunch!

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